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Healthy Home Assessment

Healthy Home Assessment is a building biology- based assessment of your home to determine the possible environmental issues that may be negatively affecting you and your family’s health. The assessment is designed and conducted based on your personal goals and needs. One or more of the following topics are included in the assessment:

- indoor climate and air quality

- moisture and mold

- electricity and electromagnetic fields (EMFs)

- water quality

- lighting

The assessment is conducted at your home and it takes 1-6h depending on the size of your home and the amount of issues we encounter. It is done by interviewing the inhabitants, using our testing equipment and with thorough visual observation of the living spaces. A brief explanation of the issues is provided at the site, and after the assessment you'll get a written report of our findings with tips and strategies on how to improve and mitigate them. *

Book your assessment by email from

* The assessment does not include: water quality tests, mold and microbial tests,

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