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Healthy Home Essentials

1.000.000 IDR (65 USD)

Healthy Home Essentials is a brief onsite assessment of your home to find the most common environmental issues that could be negatively affecting your health. The idea is to find the 20% that makes 80% of the results. Areas of the assessment include:

- indoor climate

- moisture and mold

- electricity and electromagnetic fields (EMFs)

- water quality

- lighting

The assessment is conducted at your home and takes 1-2h depending on the size of your home and the amount of issues we encounter. First we have a brief interview with the inhabitant(s), and after that we conduct the assessment in the living spaces by visual observation and using our testing equipment. We will briefly explain the issues and our findings on the site, and also provide a report including tips and strategies on how to mitigate them. *

Book your assessment by email from

* The assessment does not include: water quality tests, mold and microbial tests,

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