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Healthy Home Assessment with EMF measurements

120 USD / 1.700.000 IDR per hour

Healthy Home Assessment is an onsite assessment of your home to determine possible health hazards that may be affecting negatively to your and your family’s health. Areas of the assessment include:

- indoor climate

- moisture and mold

- electricity and electromagnetic fields

- water quality

- lighting

- materials and furniture

The assessment is conducted at your home and takes about 2-5h depending on the size of your home and the amount of issues we encounter. It is done by interviewing the inhabitants as well as by thorough visual observation of the living spaces and HVAC systems. We also conduct measurements of different types of electromagnetic fields (EMFs): electric fields, magnetic fields, microwaves/radio frequency & dirty electricity, and also body voltage. We provide explanation of the issues as we go as well as ways to improve and mitigate them. A brief report is provided after the assessment. *

A more thorough report can be delivered with the extra cost of 140 USD / 2.000.000 IDR

Book your assessment by email from

* The assessment does not include: water quality tests, mold and microbial tests,

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